Pokemon Full Movies 8

Pokemon, I loved the first time I've seen the series. Indeed, after a few episodes. In any case, I've seen the video clips don't say you love me (M2M) after having seen the film. Finally, after a few years and later a DVD, I bought the movie and I have to say that I regret that I see it in the cinema. in fact, pokemon full movies 8 I know not why he was too old for Pokemon. It's the largest Bullpoo I've ever heard. Pokemon is now, especially for young people, but the movie that I love for an 18-year-old man. Now back on the film. The film is awesome. I saw the film in Dutch, (because I'm used to, the Dutch votes, and they sound better that I have). So we used Mewtwos voice, was as though Mewtwo was actually in the head. But you need Dolby Surround for this experience. Even references the film in the series, perfect. It's OK, if you haven't seen the series, then, but care is not funny, if you do not understand some of the events and jokes and stuff. The most unique is that it shows Pokemon movie, because the coach may give the Pokemon. * End * note you can see most of the time at the end of the film. Pokémon: the first movie is probably the first film after his follow-up hit series. Maybe not a great film, but certainly pleased to see. .