Total Blackout Us Youtube

Error makes first blackout episode is a program with six competitors in each episode for a gain of 25 000kr ($4123). Participate the program participants in various challenges in the dark tone. The challenges are jumping in fall to see who won and who lost. Steps have been informed in advance that he loses, and the loser Gets an unexpected twist in the lower part of the slide. Explains the challenges of this episode: # 1: TripThe fishing competitors compared and sent into the House. On the area and on the road, two eels must meet. Eels are placed in an aquarium. # 2: the candidate must find basin on the table to reach TanksThe, you the element or elements on the inside, and I think that what is n ° 3: total blackout us youtube the Blackrock Spire competitors, which would be a bridge be suspended several metres above the ground. In fact, it is 10 cm high. # 4 StrangersThe: competitors, entry into a room where four foreigners are aligned. The candidate must then simply by touch in the age of any foreigners. Dude, what foreigners is written on their foreheads. # 5: coordinated Web competitors and on the House with a net worth of each. On the Web, you have to find and collect as many spiders as possible. It is said that spiders are real, when in fact, the living spider in the room is closed in a glass. .